Mobile as Identity

Finsphere was founded on a simple, yet powerful vision: using your mobile phone as a proxy for your identity.

Mobile phones have become personal electronic communication devices, connected to the largest communication networks in the world and largely carried by individuals at all times. With over six billion mobile phones in use today, they are by far the most ubiquitous electronic devices in the world. And with the right technology, these qualities can also make the mobile phone a dynamic identity authentication instrument.

Global telecommunications standards enforce a unique one-to-one relationship between each subscriber's mobile phone number and their physical mobile handset. This connection is secure and is difficult to compromise. This concept of "one number, one phone" is what makes Mobile-as-Identity a unique and unmatched means to authenticate individuals.

Finsphere’s Identity Authentication Services (IAS) unlock the potential for securing access to sensitive information, preventing account compromises, and reducing financial fraud loss, all while enhancing the end user experience. Our team has spent more than six years building the patented Identity Authentication Services (IAS) platform and services around this central belief. Today, IAS is a flexible location-based precision analytics engine that is highly effective in solving real-world digital identity management problems.

More importantly, its non-intrusive approach does not require end users to remember passwords or PINs, respond to transaction verification calls, respond to text messages, receive one-time-passwords, download applications, carry physical tokens, or perform any additional action that interferes with typical financial transactions or access events as they are performed today.