Technology Partners

Key partnerships with data providers allow Finsphere to turn information into a myriad of different authentication solutions. By leveraging the power of rich mobile data, carriers finally have the opportunity to monetize a resource they have in abundance and help to make the world a safer, more secure place in which to live. Below are some of Finsphere's key partnerships.
location labs.png Location Labs
Location Labs provides geofencing, spatial storage, universal location services, and mobile data aggregation services to enterprises and developers throughout the US.
neustar.png NeuStar
NeuStar provides directory services to the global communications and Internet industries, including portability and IP geolocation services.
airsage.jpg AirSage
AirSage is the world's largest aggregator of cellular signaling data and covers 85% of the United States.
mobilecommerce.jpg Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce is the UK's largest aggregator of handset location obtained from the network operators.