Transaction Monitoring

Identity Authentication Services for Consumer Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring Wholesale is a service offering that monitors credit and debit card transactions for fraudulent activity and is available for white label distribution by financial services providers and financial institutions. Consumer credit report monitoring services on the market today only monitor for new lines of credit opened using stolen identities; however, 70% of consumer financial fraud is the result of compromises to existing accounts. Transaction Monitoring fills that gap by bringing Mobile as Identity direct to the consumer to protect existing card accounts.

Consumer Benefits

Precise Detection


  • Early detection of fraud that financial institutions miss
  • Daily monitoring of all transactions
  • Leading-edge analytics, developed by fraud experts

Peace of Mind

  • Fraud hotline assists customers in resolving fraud


  • Cutting-edge, innovative mobile app
  • Automatic and simple setup
  • Fraud alerts sent via text, email, or PinPoint app
  • Monitor transactions across multiple banks
  • Tailored to each user via alert preferences

Distribution Options

Transaction Monitoring is available as either a standalone, white label application or via published web service API for partners who want to integrate transaction monitoring into existing applications or fully control the end user experience.